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Rates & Fees

We reward lenders with great interest rates tailored to their investment horizon. The longer the investment period, the higher the interest rate. Funds begin earning interest straight away from the date of your investment, even when funds are not allocated for lending.

Our Rates

Investment Product Interest Rate
Interest Rate
Access Period *
Monthly Product 2.25% - 2.75% N/A Monthly 30 Days
3-Months Product 2.50% - 3.00% 3.45% Monthly 3 Months
6-Months Product 2.75% - 3.75% 4.15% Monthly 6 Months
9-Months Product 3.25% - 4.25% 5.05% Monthly 9 Months
12-Months Product 4.25% - 5.00% 6.65% Monthly 12 Months

* Our lenders are able to request access to their funds before the end of the lending term. A 5% fee applies to each request.

Our Fees

Fee Type Fee Description
Origination Fee 0.50% to 2.50% A one–off fee to cover our costs of evaluating and originating your loan. The fee is based on the strength of your credit profile and is deducted from your total loan proceeds, which means you do not pay this fee if you do not receive a loan.
Prepayment Fee None Unlike other lenders, we don't charge you anything if you repay your entire loan early.
Late Payment Fee 5% of missed payment If your monthly payment is late, you will be charged a fee on the missed payment. This fee is added to your original monthly payment, withdrawn from your account and passed directly onto investors.
Non–Sufficient Funds Fee $35 If you don't have sufficient funds in your account to make a monthly payment, you will be charged a small fee to cover costs we incur on the failed transaction.

For more information please call us at +1 929 254 3040.

Sensible Lender Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and is entered on the Financial Services Register under firm registration number 651932. Sensible Lender Limited registered office is 149-151 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 5HA (Company Number: 08050131). Sensible Lender Limited is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Investment through Sensible Lender Limited involves lending to individuals or companies and therefore your capital is at risk and interest payments are not guaranteed if the borrower defaults. It is important to remember that historic loan default rates are not necessarily indicative of future default rates.